BYU West Mountain Observatory 0.91-m Telescope

This is the official home page of the BYU West Mountain Observatory 0.91-m Telescope.  The telescope was built and installed by DFM in the second half of 2009.  The telescope is now full operational.  On this page we will provide links to instrumentation information, filter sets, and applying for observing time.    Although our committment to allow external time has expired, we will still consider requests for observations.

The telescope is nominally a f/5.5 system which gives a plate scale of 41"/mm.  The conditions at West Mountain are very respectable with the seeing on some nights being better than 0.9".   With the current CCD and filters we estimate 1% photometry with a 60 second exposure for a V=14.5 star.  We have also seen approximately 1% photometry with a 30 second exposure on a V=13.5 star.  We expect these numbers to change when we install a new higher quantum efficiency CCD.   

As we learn new information we will continue to provide that information here.  Also please take a look at the images shown below.  These will give you some idea of the quality of the observing at the West Mountain site.  More detail about these images is given at the image gallery link at the left.

For more information please follow the links below.

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Applying for Telescope Time on the BYU Telescopes


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