Filter Sets Used for Imaging on BYU's 5 Optical Telescopes

West Mountain 0.9-m Telescope


We have not fully tested any of these filters at this point to give exposure estimates.  That will come with time.  We can have 8 filters in at any one time, but want to limit filter changes.

  • Johnson/Cousins BVRI (Astrodon Photometrics) (scan)
  • H-alpha (3 nm wide and 21 nm wide)
  • H-beta (3 nm wide and 15 nm wide)
  • Clear Filter
  • Other narrow filters (O III, S II)


ROVOR 0.4-m Telescope

Filter Set #1

  • Cousins/Johnson BVRI
  • H-alpha Wide
  • H-alpha Narrow



West Mountain 0.5-m Telescope

Filter Set #1

Orson Pratt Observatory 0.4-m David Derrick Telescope

Filter Set #1 (current filter set)

  • Johnson/Cousins BVI
  • 2" Rounds

Filter Set #2

  • Johnson/Cousins BVR
  • 2" Square
  • V filter has a crack


West Mountain 0.32-m Telescope

Filter Set #1



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