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The Orson Pratt Observatory is located on the 5th and 6th floor of the Eyring Science Center, right in the heart of the Brigham Young University campus. A 0.4-m ASKO telescope, donated to the university by Mr. David Derrick, and was installed March 26, 1998. The telescope has been officially named the David Derrick telescope and is refereed to in publications as the DDT.

The telescope is used for a number of student activities. It is used primarily for teaching astronomy majors basic observational techniques in the Phscs 329 class. Some majors will also take data with the telescope for their senior thesis projects. Finally the telescope is open to the general public on Friday nights when there is a planetarium show.

In addition to the main telescope in the dome we have a number of observation deck telescopes.  There are three 12" Meade GPS LX200 telescopes.

To see the usage of the telescope please follow this link: Telescope Usage


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