BYU West Mountain Observatory Rules and Policies

Please Note: This document is under development. 

Observing Mode:

    The current observing mode for the BYU West Mountain 0.9-m telescope is service observing by students, staff, and faculty of the BYU Department of Physics and Astronomy.  Travel to the observatory by external observers is strongly discouraged at this point. 

Proprietary Data Time Limits:

    The data taken with BYU telescopes for external observers will have a proprietary time of 6 months after the end of an observing program.  We feel this is sufficient time to use the data for the stated purpose.  Requests for longer time lines will be considered on an individual basis. 

Publications and Proposal Abstracts:

    Those programs receiving observing time on the BYU telescopes will have the abstract published on the website.  When publications result from the use of BYU data the following acknowledgement should be included in the publications:  ----.  We would greatly appreciate a note when ever a paper is published which makes use of BYU data.

External Camera Systems: