Astronomy Faculty at BYU

Faculty and Staff

Name Office Emphasis
Clark G. Christensen N482 ESC Class instruction
Eric G. Hintz N480 ESC Variable star studies with high precision photometry and astronomy education (link)
Maureen L. Hintz N313 ESC Part-time instructor
Michael D. Joner N488 ESC  
Jeannette Lawler N237 ESC Planetarium director and astronomy education research
Victor Migenes N145 ESC Radio astronomy, MASERS, Star Formation and Evolution, Galaxy Merger
J. Ward Moody N484 ESC Robotic telescopes, large scale structure (link)
Denise C. Stephens N486 ESC Brown dwarfs, TNO, star formation
Tom Stephens   Astronomy computer consulting and part-time instructor

Emeritus Faculty

Name Office Emphasis
H. Kimball Hansen    
D. Harold McNamara    
Benjamin J. Taylor    

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