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Policies for Applying for Department RA Funding

Policies for Applications for Departmental Undergraduate Research Support

1. We are currently in the process of completing a transfer to a new application system. This includes a new set of rules for the number of hours which can be requested. For a Fall or Winter we have found that students generally work about 10 hours/week on RA funding. However, under the new system we are allowing students to work up to 20 hours/week. With a warning that going over hours can have an impact on Sp/Su funding. For the Spring/Summer terms we request that the students submit a single application for Sp/Su combine (this is under a special tab for the Dept. of Physics and Astronomy). Even if you are only requestng hours for either Spring or Summer, just put zero for the term you won't work. This makes the sorting process much easier. For Sp/Su we find that 20 hours/week is normal, but a student is allowed to request up to 40 hours/week.

2. Deadline: The deadline for Sp/Su 2017 has passed. However, we can consider special requests.

3. The current pay level is $11.85 per hour.

4. For RA funding, we give preference to students who have established a track record of working in a research group (if need be, as a volunteer in the beginning). However, we also want to help students who are right at the end of their program to complete their senior thesis or capstone project. Finally, we give preference to students who have applied for an ORCA scholarship within the past year, so it is good to submit an ORCA application each Fall.

5. We also encourage students to consider working as teaching assistants. This can prove very valuable as you prepare for things like the GRE or as lines on a resume. In addition, some TA positions will have a higher pay rate than this RA funding.

6. The primary purpose of this research support is to help students complete a senior thesis or capstone project. Please work on your thesis/project DURING the funded period. Make an outline of your thesis early. Produce graphs and figures for your thesis as you go.

7. Acceptance of funding obligates students to present at the Annual College Spring Research Conference.

8. Please discuss a specific research project with your advisor. Do not submit an application without your advisers knowledge. In addition, make sure you understand the details of your project since you will have to describe it on this application. We will notify you regarding funding decisions within a week of the application deadline. If you are not funded, please check with your advisor on possible alternative funding resources.

If you have any questions, please contact Eric G. Hintz,, Undergraduate Research Coordinator.

Application Process:

  1. Make sure you understand the policies listed above.
  2. Prepare information describing your project, the skills you currently have, and skills you hope to develop during the project.
  3. The go to the college application page Application

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