BYU AstroFest Boy Scout Page

As we prepare for the 2016 version of AstroFest we are looking at ways we might be able to help out Boy Scouts in fulfilling requirements the astronomy merit badge, and NOVA requirements.   On this page we will be listing activities that might take place that can help your scouts.  We are also looking for opportunities to help scouts working on the new BSA Nova Program. 

BYU AstroFest 2016 - Astronomy Merit Badge Help

We cannot provide that many of the pieces to complete the Astronomy Merit Badge during AstroFest.  However, there will be a couple registered merit badge counselors present who can help.  The parts of the merit badge that require looking at the real sky will have to be done on your own.  Below we will list the activities that can help fulfill various requirements. Please be aware that the list below can change given the weather conditions and other unforseen circumstances. Also, we will NOT provide blue cards or worksheets. If you have completed a majority of the merit badge on your own and just need a couple things to finish it off you can bring your worksheets with you and talk to one of the people who are registered merit badge counselors.

Astronomy Merit Badge requirements that you might be able to complete at AstroFest 2016.  Circumstances might change what we can cover, so it might not be possible to complete all the listed requirements. 

Requirement # Helpful information
1 You can talk to those running the solar telescopes on the observation deck to discuss safe observing of the Sun (and Moon).  That is the only section we can directly help with at this point.
3a Talk to those running the telescopes on the observation deck or in the dome to help answer this question.
3b We have a wide variety of telescopes to help you complete this requirement.  (Observation deck and dome)
3c We will have equipment on display to help you with this requirement.
3d Those running the telescopes can help with this requirement.  Discuss how they put the telescopes away.
8 As part of AstroFest you can easily complete requirement 8 (option a).  If you go to a planetarium show and also to the telescopes on the deck you can write up the information for this section.
9 There will be a number of Astronomers around AstroFest you can talk to about this one.  In addtion, we can provide a hand-outs.


BYU AstroFest 2016 - Other Boy Scout Help

Help with other Boy Scout Achievements that you might be able to complete at AstroFest 2015

Requirement # Helpful information
NOVA - Shoot Help with Astronomy Merit Badge
4a - Visit an observatory