BYU AstroFest Cub Scout Page

With the changes to the Cub Scout program we find that there are less activities that can be used to directly help with requirements. We don't plan to offer specific cub scout activities this year due to these changes. Since belt loops and pin are being phased out there is every chance that they will not be available at the scout office. 

BYU AstroFest 2016 - Cub Scout

The target audience for AstroFest is perfect for cub scouts.  Below we will list activities at AstroFest that could help fulfill a variety of requirements for a cub scout.  This list might change as the activities continue to be planned for AstroFest.  You might also want to look at the new BSA Nova Program.  There should be a NOVA couselor present during AstroFest.

Help with .... Requirements and Activities
Tiger Elective Adventure:
Sky is the Limit
2 - Might be possible depending on the weather.
6 - You might be able to find out about different jobs in astronomy and related fields
8 - You will be able to visit a planetarium and an observatory during AstroFest
Wolf  Elective Adventure: Air of the Wolf 1-c-i : There will be paper airplanes to fold as part of AstroFest.  This will help fulfil this requirement.
Wolf Elective Adventure: Motor Away 1 - This is again related to folding the paper airplanes.  Now you must make 3 different ones and predict which one will fly the furthest.
Bear Elective Adventure: Robotics 5 - We have tours of the MAGICC Lab that is a robotics lab at BYU
Weblos/AOL Elective Adventure: Adventures in Science 2 - Visit a place where scientists work. 
3c - We hope to have a solar system walk.  We also know a very good website for modeling the solar system.
3d - I'm not sure if our paper rockets count here, but that is up to the leaders.
NOVA (cub scout) -
Science Everywhere (Req. 3a)
There are a lot of options for 3a.  Look around at AstroFest to see if any questions come to mind.
NOVA (cub scout) - Science Everywhere (Req. 4) Visit a place where science is being done, used, or explained, such as one of the following: zoo, aquarium, water treatment plant, observatory, science museum, weather station, fish hatchery, or any other location where science is being done, used, or explained.
A- During your visit, talk to someone in charge about science.
B- Discuss with your counselor the science done, used, or explained at the place you visited.
Supernova (cub scout) - Dr. Luis W. Alvarez award 7a,b - Visit with someone who works in a STEM related career
Supernova (Webelos scout) - Dr. Charles H. Townes award 7a,b - Visit with someone who works in a STEM related career.  This should be a different person than the one used for the Luis Alvarez award.