Policies for Observations

BYU West Mountain Observatory Rules and Policies

Observing Mode:

The current observing mode for the BYU West Mountain 0.9-m telescope is service observing by students, staff, and faculty of the BYU Department of Physics and Astronomy. Travel to the observatory by external observers is strongly discouraged at this point.

Proprietary Data Time Limits:

The data taken with BYU telescopes for external observers will have a proprietary time of 6 months after the end of an observing program.  We feel this is sufficient time to use the data for the stated purpose.  Requests for longer time lines will be considered on an individual basis. 

Publications and Proposal Abstracts:

Those programs receiving observing time on the BYU telescopes will have the abstract published on the website.  When publications result from the use of BYU data the following acknowledgement should be included in the publications:  ----.  We would greatly appreciate a note when ever a paper is published which makes use of BYU data.

Application Process

To request observations with any of the BYU telescopes please download the LaTeX template from the link contained on this page.  This is a self contained files that will generate the appropriate style file the first time it is run.  Please do not make any changes to the file above the \document{begin} command.  There are instructions contained within the file that should help the author complete all needed entries.  If there are any questions about this proposal form please contact Eric G. Hintz.

You will only have one page of justification on the proposal. Some of this space might have to be used to detail special requests not covered by the basic form.  Please examine your PDF file to make certain that everything is as you expect before you email the application. It is especially important to make sure your text has not been cut off on the second page.  Also please keep figures to a minimum and don't use that space for adding text to the proposal.

Please be careful and answer all questions fully in the LaTeX file.  We are very interested in the use of the telescope for student research and some questions help us sort the applications.  Please read the ProposalID instructions and also list the status of any student who is a PI or Co-PI on the proposal.

Each time there is a new round of applications please download the newest form of the LaTeX file since we are still developing the form to meet all our evolving needs.  This will also include any changes to equipment and filters that might become available.

Finally, please understand the disclaimer that is included at the bottom of the compiled form since this will be enforced.  Disclaimer:  In submitting this application, the Principal Investigator acknowledges that he/she is aware of BYU West Mountain Observatory's rules and policies, including BYU's Honor Code. Also, the PI acknowledges that he/she is aware of the West Mountain Observatory's policy concerning public access to data after a proprietary period of 6 months.

Procedure for Telescope Time Applications

  • Read BYU West Mountain Observatory's Rules and Policies
  • Download the LaTeX Form: Proposal Form (latest version December 21, 2011)
  • Fill in all requested information
  • Compile the LaTeX file into a PDF file and change the name of file to last name of PI plus wmo (namewmo.pdf)
  • Examine PDF file for any errors (fix errors)
  • Email completed PDF application to: BYU TAC Committee