Available Telescopes

WMO 0.91-m Telescope

The BYU West Mountain Observatory 0.91-m Telescope was built and installed by DFM in the second half of 2009. Although our formal commitment to allow external time has expired, we will still consider requests for observations.

The telescope is nominally a f/5.5 system which gives a plate scale of 41"/mm.  The conditions at West Mountain are very respectable with the seeing on some nights being better than 0.9". With the current CCD and filters we estimate 1% photometry with a 60 second exposure for a V=14.5 star. We have also seen approximately 1% photometry with a 30 second exposure on a V=13.5 star.  We expect these numbers to change when we install a new higher quantum efficiency CCD.


  • Finger Lakes PL-09000
  • 12 μm pixels in a 3056x3056 array
  • 0.49"/pixel
  • 25.2' x 25.2' field of view   

Filter Sets

We have not fully tested any of these filters at this point to give exposure estimates.  That will come with time.  We can have 8 filters in at any one time, but want to limit filter changes.

  • Johnson/Cousins BVRI (Astrodon Photometrics) (scan)
  • H-alpha (3 nm wide and 21 nm wide)
  • H-beta (3 nm wide and 15 nm wide)
  • Clear Filter
  • Other narrow filters (O III, S II)

WMO 0.51-m Telescope


  • SBIG STL-1001E
  • 24 μm pixels in a 1024x1024 array
  • 1.20"/pixel
  • 20.4' x 20.4' field of view   

WMO 0.32-m Telescope

CCD #1

  • SBIG ST-10
  • 6.8 μm pixels in a 2184 x 1472 array
  • 0.49"/pixel
  • 17.8' x 12.3' field of view

Orson Pratt Observatory 6 Robotic Telescope

Dome Telescope

24" PlaneWave CDK telescope on a PlaneWave L600 Mount

  • SBIG STX-16803 
  • 0.86"/pixel
  • 31' x 21' field of view